Back at hospital for chemo..

Sorry for no update just feeling too blah.. The hospital setting sucks.. The stories you hear are super depressing… At home i feel super busy that i cant catch up with whats going on with my other 2 babies.  My N is crawling!! I was able to see it.. My B is getting smarter and smarter… Too smart for her age… And my V Is enjoying her time with her brother and sister..

We are back at the hospital since Tuesday night…
V came for her second round of iv methotrexate and vincristine. We were close to heading back home and rescheduling since her creatinine level was higher than usual.. However after tones of iv liquids and many many soaked diapers later, her numbers dropped and it started today.

Over all she had a bad day… She was so annoyed.. So mad.. She kept throwing herself, not listening and hitting me… Poor baby… I had to rock her to sleep…  Who can get mad at her??? Who can discipline her?? Shes going through so much.. Unable to express with words what she feels.. The only way she knows is with crying.. Whining and throwing her body around…when she would hit me it made me want to cry.. All i could do was grab her hands put them down and say no while looking into her eyes… Those blue eyes were trying to tell me something…. I would do anything and everything to take her place… I dont want my baby to feel this pain…

In between her madness she did have good times… She played with cousin B, aunt S, blew bubbles and colored with aunt Nam (had to put it Nam) She played 2 x in the play room and grandma joined us.. she rocked out for Telemundo  ( she should be on real quick on friday or sat at 5 am or 6 am).

We have a few more days here.. Hopefully we get to go home on sunday…. I miss my babies… Didnt get to see them in person today however,  thanks to facetime i saw and heard them.. My B said she loves me very much.. And my N was all smiles…

Please send a prayer for my V, all the kids here and there families…

Thank you!!


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