Delayed Intensification … October

V started another phase of chemo… Delayed intensification… This one doesn’t require hospital stays however she’s back on Decadron and boy is she grumpy and irritable…

Last phase went ok, however we had a few scares since the hospital staff made a few mistakes.. Thankfully v is ok and the mistakes where caught quick enough…

October was just a bad month… it started with v getting chemo faster than she should have..( a 24 hour methotrexate treatment was given to her within 17 hours) the nurse put it through a different machine with the iv tubing thinner and I can only assume her calculations for dosing time was wrong.. thankfully it didn’t affect her and on the bright side we were able to come home sooner.

Then she was given a rescue drug while the bicarbonate was on (I don’t know the full medical reason for why this is a no no… But I do know that v had 2 separate lines with different iv liquids for a specific reason and only one was suppose to be turned on at a time.. ) Thankfully i caught it within minutes, as soon as the nurse walked out I took a look and noticed and immediately called a nurse in … (the nurse tried to assure me it was ok.. However every other nurse I told told me different..) Thankfully no time for the line to crystallize..

Then the next day v gets someone else’s iv fluids…. 2 hours later we notice.. The nurse comes back to switch with again someone else’s bag… Luckily I’m watching her like a hawk and notice and tell her and finally after the 3 rd bag v gets the correct fluids… Luckily nothing serious happened, her phosphate level increased by like 2 points but by the next morning they were back to normal..

Like seriously… I’m normally the annoying parent that is like uh.. What time is her next med.?.. Or what is that for..? And what does it do..? And blah.. To the point that some nurses would come in already telling me what they were going to give and what was going to be done and double check her id band ( which is something they should already do).. But I guess I let my guard down.. I put my trust in these nurses who have gotten to know us by name and likes and dislikes..whom I assumed would do their jobs right… But I guess shit happens…  Pretty upsetting… And scary.. For all you out there.. dont Let your guard down.. Keep asking.. Keep looking over their shoulders…. No question or comment is dumb… If something doesn’t feel right.. Say something… Even if you get a bitchy nurse who assures you shes doing it right, ask for another opinion for someone to double check..shit triple check..

For those of you who are like seriously how can u let this happen let me say this…i do stay all day and night with v. For the first mistake I asked the nurse why she was doing it that way and that they used a different machine the last 2 times and she told me that since v moves a lot it safer since the line is longer and since I’m not a nurse, I accepted her reasoning and let it go.. I assumed that everything was taken into account and that the med would be given correctly… For the second incident… Well I caught it in time, i know I wasn’t hovering over the the nurse making sure she was doing her job right, but I was watching, and as soon as she stepped out I checked the machine and noticed and immediately went for help. The last incident I can only assume that the nurses have the bags aligned by room numbers and the nurse mistakenly grabbed the other bag since the bag belonged to our neighbor. I’m glad I noticed the name on the second bag before she hooked her up and again messed up…I’m not making excuses or trying to cover up for anyone… Shit happens even to those that are careful, we just have to leave it in Gods hands and hope that nothing bad happens…

It has and will always be in Gods hands…

( please excuse the essay n writing.. If I revise it I will probably not post it.)


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