So V has begun maintenance. Yay!! On January 24 she went in for her usual spinal tap and started daily and weekly chemo pills at home! It hasn’t been easy since v hates drinking meds and it is such a struggle to make sure she drinks it. A one sec process has turned into a 5 min battle with v. I even accidentally made her lose tooth fall off during one of our daily battles. Even though med time is hard v is getting back to her usual self and her hair is growing back !!!!! V and B are enjoying being homeschooled ( not by me but an actual teacher) she loves the songs and music she brings for her. She will start school in the fall. I’m kinda worried about that but that’s part of growing up and she does love learning so I have to deal with it! The little guy isn’t so little anymore ( well he still is short as we all are ) he is walking and running and trying to talk. He does this cute thing were he walks to you and closes his eyes like he is sad or something. Sooo cute!!! As soon as he sees grandpa ( my dad) he forgets about me!! Thanks to grandpa and grandma who have been watching them for me while I take v to drs and therapy sessions. B just turned 3 and my is she a handful hoping terrible 2’s go away soon! She is so independent and energetic and sometimes nice. Lol she hates sharing but wants everyone to share with her. Kids… They sure do grow up soo fast! šŸ˜’

I have been making doll clothes and hubby and I doll furniture. (thanks to Ana white’s plans ) The 18 inch dolls like american girl and our generation. It is soo much fun. My girls aren’t really into playing with them just yet however when I do sit to sew B gets on a chair next to me and watches. ( I make the beds and tables and clothes as gifts for nieces birthdays, I think they all have one already) I can’t wait till they start playing with bigger dolls. Right now B is into smaller dolls like little figurines and v does play with dolls but the 15 inch ones and she uses them as babies. We took out some barbies for b to play with now that she’s 3 ( for those who know me you know I love barbies and still have all mine from my childhood) but she still prefers her figurines. Even when I sit to play with her she grabs her figurines. I hope she starts playing barbies soon!!

Well back to v , we go in April 16 for another spinal tap and start another round of steroids ( I am sooo not looking forward to this part) but it is what it is and in Gods hands she is!

Have a great day!!!


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