Double the Joy!

Finally had an ultrasound and guess what we found out..? TWINS!!! Yes you read it right… We are having twins.. My worrisome has doubled.. Lol .. I’m also super excited and thrilled and a bit shocked.. Twins .. I feel like it’s not real like it’s a dream but it’s real yay!! Twins!!!!
EDD is April 30 th 2015..

Back to V, we went in 10/31 for spinal tap , chemo and ivig but spinal tap and chemo was cancelled since anesthesiologist didn’t feel comfortable putting her to sleep since she has runny nose and slight cough.. ( V’s usual) So all V got was an ivig…

We went trick or treating in evening and all the kids loved it!! We only did one block since kids got tired really fast.. V was Princess Anna ( I made her costume) B was Queen Elsa ( bought her costume at disney world) and N was Batman ( he didn’t want to take it off so he was Batman the whole weekend)

Also, not sure if I mentioned that V is going to school and she is loving it!!!


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