All done!!

Yes, Victoria is all done with CHEMO!! On September 10th 2015 we gave her her last medicine at home and celebrated her end of treatment by throwing her a super hero pool party! Victoria loved it! She stayed in the pool the whole time and only came out to eat because she was forced too. All of her cousins and aunts and uncles surrounded her and made her day extra special. Special thanks to cousin Bina for sharing her floating tube with her the whole time!!! ❤️

On November 30th she had surgery to remove her portacath. This was both a joyous and scary day. It truly marked an end of something so harsh and brought on the worrisome of ‘what if it comes back?’ 

I know my Victoria is super strong and such a fighter! She has made it this far and she will continue to fight!

We need to continue taking it one day at a time! 


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