Good nights rest- Chemo postponed

Finally after a week of no chemo, V was able to sleep the whole night through in her own bed. We went yesterday to check her counts to start the next phase (interim maintenance). She didn’t meet the minimum (anc of 750  and platelets of 75k. her anc was 220 -platelets was over 400k)  and her hgb was low. At least she gets more time off for her little body to recover. We go back Monday to re-check and then we are looking at being in the hospital every other week.

Still dont know much detail about what to expect, but it doesnt look nice. Even thinking about having to be away at a hospital for a few days sucks.. But what can we do.. Im going to miss my other babies.. but at least daddy will be able to bring them by in the evenings so V and I can see them.

Its so hard to discipline her… makes me feel guilty each time i have to yell and stop her in her tracks… a couple months ago i was sad she wasnt being herself and that she was just sitting on the couch wanting us to carry her from one room to the other .. and she finally is able to play and run and i have to stop her…

Any advice on how to discipline a child with cancer???


One day at a ti…

One day at a time.

with everything that has come our way it makes it easy to take it just like that….